Betting Exchanges: Compare the Top UK & Ireland Sites

Our Betting exchanges are rated out of 10 on the most important features – Liquidity, Range of Markets, Bonuses and Free Bets, Ease of Use and Customer Support.

Betfair★ Great Liquidity
★ Biggest Range of Markets and Sports
★ Great Live Streaming on Most Sports
★ Only 2% Commission
★ Easy to Use
★ Excellent Politics Markets
★ 3% Commission
★ OK Liquitity
★ Website Can be slow and lack of Live streaming

What is a betting exchange?

A betting exchange gives the punter the opportunity to act as the bookmaker, a betting exchange acts as a match making service where punters can set their own price as long as someone is willing to match that price. Sounds complicated..its really not! Basically a betting exhange is somehwere punters can bet against each other by either backing an event to happen or laying an event (saying that event won’t happen). So Man United are 4/1 (5.0) to win the league, on a betting exhange your have two options:

  1. You can back United at  4/1 for £10 and have the potential of profit of £40 with a liability of £10 (amount you could lose).
  2. You can lay United (bet against United), bascially saying anyone of the other 19 teams will win the league, for £10 which will give you a liability of £40 but a potential profit of £10 – Sobasically you act as the bookie who takes the bet.

Range of Markets and Sports Bets

This is where Betfair is far better than any of the other Betting exchanges. For a betting exchange to work you need people to bet on the sport and obviously as the biggest betting exchange Betfair has the most markets and sports available to the customer.

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